November 28, 2011

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Polish in Violet Metal review

Hi Beauties,
While doing my Black Friday shopping, I've found this Rimmel nail polish on sale for $1,79! Definitely couldn't say no to it, especially when I saw this beautifully vibrant shade :)

   Violet Metal (nr 350 ) is a gorgeous cool purple with a blue flash. Picture above shows the color after applying 2 layers.
   What I really liked about this nail polish is definitely the brush- it's so easy to apply color without going all over your nails, like I do sometimes especially while doing my right hand (I'm righty) ;)
   It says it stays on up to 10 days.... unfortuntely for me... 2 days only (without any base coats etc. ),I mean well I was washing lots of dishes during those days lol, but still expected it to not chipped off so fast.
  Another good thing I noticed, is fast time of drying. I applied first coat, looked at the tv for a second and went back to my nails and they were already ready for a second coat. That's definitely a plus, especially for a totally not patient person like me ( usually when I do my nails, I suddenly have to touch everything around me and do 100 things in these 2-3 minutes haha ).
   I am pretty satisfied with this product, and LOVE the gorgeous metallic purple color, perfect for this season! :)

Have a great day Ladies,

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