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L'OREAL Voluminous Million Lashes mascara review

March 30, 2011
Hi Loves,
   Today, I want to make a review on L'OREAL defining volume mascara, that I've been using for the past 3 weeks.
   Voluminous Million Lashes is one of the latest L'OREAL product. Did it work for me? Let's find out!

L'OREAL claims that this mascara has:
:: No Clump Formula - gives you a clump-free, smudge-free look and will last all day;
:: Millionizer Brush amplifies and separate lashes, while building breathtaking (lol ) volume;
:: Clean Sweep Wiping System ensures that just the right amount of product is deposited on the brush.

It's Ophthalmologist and allergy tested,
Suitable for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers

How did it work on my lashes?
   I really like the formula of this product... it's light, creamy smooth and smells pretty decent. Mascara, indeed, stays on all day and doesn't smudge - my lashes definitely looked longer, but I would add more volume to it. Two layers of this mascara is a must, because it has tendency to clump after applying only one layer.

 Lashes looked longer, but not as thick as I would want it, so I guess this product would be perfect for people with thick, short lashes :)

   Packaging of this mascara is really pretty, gold bottle looks really classy and elegant. Plus for that for sure!  
   I have to admit, sometimes when I'm in a rush, I tend to forget to close my mascara's bottle tightly enough, in this product you can feel and hear a little *click* and you can be sure, that your mascara is safe and won't dry out that fast lol.

   I do like this product, but I would rather use a mascara, that's adding more volume, and thickness to my lashes, and makes my eyes to pop out a little bit more, than with Voluminous Million Lashes :)

Have a great day, Dolls! xoxo

Hanky Panky $25 gift certificate giveaway!!

March 27, 2011
Hi Ladies,
   Before I will do another cosmetic giveaway, I thought I will make something kinda different in between :)
Most of US girls know Hanky Panky brand. They are selling high quality underwear & lingerie. You can check their website here.

 Check Personalized Panties , definitely looks like fun!

So yeah, I will be giving away $25 gift certificate to my dear followers :) How to enter :

   1. You must be a public follower of this blog
   2. You must be over 16 - if you are under please get permission
   3. To enter leave ONE "enter me" comment along with your name, gfc name, country and email
   4. This giveaway is open only to the Continental US!(they don't ship international, but if you have family in the States, and they don't mind, you can always use their address :) )
   5. Giveaway ends 28th April 2011
   6. The winner will be selected by

+1 Like my Facebook page

+1 Follow me on twitter: @syzia
+1 Tweet about this giveaway (you can tweet 3 times, if you want to do it, please, at least few hours break between each tweet ) you earn extra  +2
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+10 Do a blog post about this giveaway and include a picture.

And that's all! :)
Have a great Sunday Beauties! xox

And the winner is... Plus suprise...

March 26, 2011

Hi Beauties,
   I kinda just finished writing down all giveaway entries, and I have to say it was a lot of fun, checking your blogs and getting know better my followers :) I was also super happy, when I found out, that readers from ALL around the world are visiting my blog, I feel honored!  I even wrote down the countries, haha:

Spain, Ireland, Pakistan, Malaysia, USA, Hungary, UK, China, Canada, Greece, Indonesia, Latvia, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Russia, Philippines, Ukraine, Lithuania, Japan, Bulgaria,  Estonia, Poland, Vietnam, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Malta, Ireland, India, Australia, Croatia, New Zealand

   So before I will announce the winner, I want to thank all you Guys for participating in my giveaway. I wish you all could win, unfortunately I needed to pick one winner :(  Thank God, that sites like exist because, seriously, I wouldn't know who to pick, you all were doing great job with tweeting, re-tweeting my annoying posts haha, putting giveaway on your blogs etc. :)

Ok so the prize goes to.....

Congrats Doll!

I just sent an e-mail to the winner! :)
If the winner won't respond in 24h, I will choose another person.

  If u haven't win this time, don't worry, I will be giving away Hanky Panky 25$ gift card, so check Peppermint Lips tomorrow for details how to enter!

Stylish Blogger Award :)

March 24, 2011
Hi Guys,
Recently, I got a Stylish Blogger Award from lovely Bex4ever. Yaaaaay, thanks Doll!

   As one of the winners, to accept it I need to follow the rules below:

1. Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about myself
3. Award 15 discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

7 things about myself:
1. I'm obsessed with Aaliyah. She was an amazing person, singer, actress, multi-talented and I'm her big fan since year 2000. Even now all my friends know, that I'm a BabyGirl freak. She's is my role model. Rest In Peace Angel <3

2. I'm very optimistic and funny person, I love to laugh and I always try to see good side of the story, no matter how bad it looks from outside...

3. I do not use salt and sugar :)

4. I'm a veggie person! I could eat them every day, veggies + natural joghurt mixed with a little bit of a ketchup and green tea and I'm a happy panda :) But don't think I'm a 100%  healthy eater - I love fast food too, especially NYC's  pizza, and turkish kebabs :D Yummmmy!! <3

5. I love animals and I always talk to them with my own made-up animal language, weirdooo haha

my Kitty <3

6. I'm definitely more of a skin/hair care person, than a make-up person. I love spending money on hair products <3

7. I'm obsessed with animal prints, especially leopard print, as u can see, on my blog lol.. ;-) Besides that, my favorite colors are all shades of turquoise, teal and blue :)

And my award goes to:

Check these Babies out! <3

My giveaway reminder and new blog layout!

March 22, 2011
Hey Loves,
Just a quick reminder about my giveaway, that ends on Friday 25th :) If you haven't enter yet, do it now! :)



   Yesterday, I was playing with different templates and such and decided to go for something lighter for Spring:) I also fix my logo, so it looks much better now and finally has some green in it! haha Hope you like it Guys :)


   I've also created Peppermint Lips Facebook page, so youre more than welcome to like it below!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Contests prizes haul + Sigma E25 travel size brush

March 21, 2011
Hi Guys!
   Today a short haul post, I want to show your Guys a new products that I got and some contests' prizes that I recently won:)

   As a Sigma Affiliate Program partner, I got this amazing travel size E25- blending brush (so soft! can't wait to try it out!)  for free along with lovely welcoming letter :) Sigma really treats their customers and partners with class!

   Right now I have a lot of  things going on, my school etc. but as soon as I will save some money, I'm getting their wonderful 12 Brush kit Make Me Crazy <3

Ahh this one or blue one! <3 :)


Some time ago, I won three tinted moisturizers from Stila, and I couldn't wait to try them out!

I will definitely make a review on these babies, so more information soon :)


   Uhuh, another contest that I won, took place in December, haha! I know while ago, but I had some problems with shipping so yeah, I just got it now! I won some L'oreal goodies:
:: ELNETT Satin Hair Spray
:: Voluminous Million Lashes Black Mascara (review soon!)
:: Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss in Sunset


   Spring is here and I wanted to give a fresh look to my nails, after all these winter's browns, grays and purples so I went for this light green nail polish color!

   It's bright neon yellow/green nail polish (03 Art) from ESSENCE's Whoom Boom Collection - much cheaper alternative of MAC's Wonder Woman Collection and it cost me around $2 :)

Have a great week Beauties and don't forget to Enter My Giveaway If u haven't before! it's ending on Friday!!


Hair Care: Testing Almond Oil [ Update ]

March 8, 2011
Hi Beauties!
I love watching all these beauty gurus on yt, and few days ago I've watched an video about how farahdhukai‬‏ takes care of her hair. In the end of the video, she's talking about how amazing almond oil works on hair. As a big fan of everything that's beauty natural, I ordered one bottle, and right now I'm sitting with my hair in ballerina bun, having this oil in my hair. I want to wait until tomorrow, and wash it, and see the results! I'm pretty excited about the effects!

Blow drying, hair colouring and hard combing strokes damage the cuticle covering of the hair, this causes the hair to be dry and frizzy which makes it rough and dull. Contains almond, sesame, coconut oil to soften, moisturize and condition to give hair silky softness and shine.
Almond; conditions to make hair soft
Coconut oil: penetrates hair to strengthen and thicken
Sesame: coats hair to give shine.
I will edit this post tomorrow with the review + result! Did u girls try this product before? How did it work?

Ok Loves, yesterday I applied almond oil on my ends and middle section, today I washed and used conditioner on my hair like usually. Do I feel any difference? Definitely my hair's softer, which I love, I can't stop touching it lol. I haven't noticed a big difference in shine, but hey I used this oil only once.

   We will see how it will work on hair, after a good few uses, but so far I really like it :) Low price and natural ingredients - it's always worth trying :)