How to have perfect lips in a windy day!

May 22, 2011

How to have perfect lips in a windy day!

Hey Guys,
   Don't you hate it, when you make your lips look perfect, putting lipstick and all these goodies, and then you go out and it's windy and your hair gets everywhere, messing everything up? Yess.. I hate this too, but I have my very simple way to make my lips look pretty and sexy without having my lipgloss all over my face and hair!

   What you need is a chapstick and lipliner in natural shade, yes it is that simple! I'm using Cherry Chapstick and my e.l.f essential lipliner in Mauve Luxe, which is a beautiful pink, but very natural.

   What I'm doing is I line my lips, and fill them up with liner. And then on top I'm using cherry chapstick, which moisturize them and give this soft look and  they don't look dry! And that's all! No wind or falling hair can scare me, and lips have that pinkish, very pretty natural look.

Happy Sunday Beauties!!!

Sorry for not real pictures, but I don't have my camera with me now :(
My Miss Selene nail polishes collection

May 11, 2011

My Miss Selene nail polishes collection

Hey Guys,
Today I want to show you my Miss Selene nail polish collection. I found their little section in the mall one day, and I got so many, because I loved the color pallete and also price was really tempting ($1).

   What I can say about these products is that they last long (usually 4 days ), and when you will compare it with the price, it's really worth it. Colors are really beautiful, but you need to be careful choosing colors, especially with light shades, because some of  them are very hmm "watery"...This light blue and first purple on the left look really pretty in the bottle, but on the nails, after 2 layers you barely see the color... But on the other hand all others that I bought are really nice, rich and colors look just like you see it in the bottle.

   I will make some more swatch pictures soon, so you Ladies could see how they look on the nails. Miss Selene is part of Golden Rose cosmetics, and I think this brand is available in most on European countries :)

So far my favorites are all three last blue, and green, haven't try orange yet.

I'm curious, if any of you tried them ?
Winner of Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush Giveaway !!

May 10, 2011

Winner of Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush Giveaway !!

And the winner of Sigma F80 KABUKI BRUSH is....

Congratulations !!!!!

If you haven't win this time, don't worry I'm planing on having another giveaway very soon, so check my blog often =)

Have a wonderful day Beauties!

Winner of Hanky Panky $25 gift certificate giveaway!

May 04, 2011

Winner of Hanky Panky $25 gift certificate giveaway!

And the winner is...

from Haute Lunch

Congratz Doll! 

Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush Giveaway open until 7th May!

Yves Rocher Organic Vanilla Body Lotion - my new favorite body lotion!

May 03, 2011

Yves Rocher Organic Vanilla Body Lotion - my new favorite body lotion!

Hi Beauties,
   Today I want to make a review on my new favorite body lotion from Yves Rocher. This product totally got me with its AMAZING smell - its smells like vanilla mixed with cotton candy, mmm so delicious, that I couldn't go home without buying this lotion :)

   This product is from Les Plaisirs Nature line, which includes body lotions, shower gels, bath gels, peelings, toilet waters, hand soap-gel, soaps, and lip balms, all these products you can get in scent of vanilla, peach, coconut, raspberry and much more!

 This is the description of the Vanilla organic body lotion from their official website:

"Yves Rocher has chosen organic Bourbon vanilla. A member of the orchid family, its captivating fragrance leaves a veil of sensuality on the skin, like an intoxicating caress.
Key botanicals: organically grown Bourbon vanilla, avocado oil, organic shea butter, sweet almond oil, organic aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin."

   The formula of this lotion is rich, creamy but feels very light on the skin! It's perfect and its moisturize my skin really amazing!! And THAT smell <3 I chose Vanilla and I can honestly say that, so far this is definitely my favorite body lotion ever! Not only it's moisturize my skin really good, but the scent stays on for all day, and it's smells so delicious! haha sorry I can't get over it lol.

   I have heard about Ives Rocher a lot before, but never was a big fan of it, but now I will definitely get some more products of this brand! I love everything that's organic, natural, their ingredients are 100% botanical and most important, they don't test on animals  :)

Have a nice day Ladies and tomorrow I will announce the winner of HankyPanky giveaway :)