September 06, 2012

Fall Favs: Nail Polishes - Catrice Genius In A Bottle and Steel My Heart Review!

Hey Ladies,
I have to say that Catrice never disappoints. Few month ago I've got their gorgeous gold-green metal nail polish called 840 Genius in a bottle (right on the picture), which is actually a dupe for Chanel Peridot and today, when I  was looking for a pretty nail polish for Fall I stumbled upon  this gorgeous brown semi-matte Catrice nail polish called 900 Steel My Heart.

What is really awesome about Steel My Heart, is that it actually has a blue shimmer in it! I love it! The only thing that I would change is the semi-matte finish, I think gloss finish would look marvelous, ha <3  Below swatch picture, unfortunately my camera didn't catch much of the blue glitter, but I can assure you it looks great!

Closer up on the tiny blue sparkles in the Steel My Heart.

Both nail polishes are my Fall favs already and I've also got another Fall color nail polish from Essence, swatch and review soon.. ;-)

Have a fab day!