Microdermabrasion at home with DDF Revolve 400X Tool!

December 16, 2012

Hey Ladies,
I have noticed that during fall and winter my skin looks more dull, tired and full of  imperfections, during any other time of the year. Probably, it has to do something with the fact, that I do not really tan during this time, so with brighter complexion, any blemishes will be visible. I really wanted to do something about it, so after doing a little research, I have found a perfect product, that is going to bring back my skin its glow and will keep it clean and smooth.

 DDF Revolve 400X Micro-Polishing System

DDF 400X Revolve is a great tool that while working gently on my skin, exfoliates, evens out its tone, reduces the pore appearance and fine lines. Microdermabrasion is pretty expensive where I live and having this tool, will give me the same results for so much less.

The DDF 400X Revolve kit includes:
> 1 Micro-Polisher, 
> 2 Foam Microdermabrasion Exfoliators, 
> 1 Deep Cleansing Brush, 
> DDF Polishing Crystals - 2 oz. (56 g),
> 2 AA Batteries

What is really good about this tool, is that even though DDF 400X Revolve exfoliates up to eight times better than the scrub alone, it is very gentle and safe for any complexion, including sensitive skin. It is a small and light device so you can take it everywhere with you and it is suitable to use in the shower, which is pretty convenient.

How to use it?
For one per day cleansing: DDF Micro-Polisher + Cleansing Brush
For twice per week microdermabrasion: DDF Micro-Polisher + Foam Exfoliator + Polishing Crystals 

Deal Alert: 50% OFF!
DDF 400X Revolve regular price is $98, but with the code below you can get this kit for only $48! That is 50% OFF plus Free Shipping!

 (expires January 31st 2013)
And that is a sweet deal! ;)
For more information about DDF products & deals, visit their official website and online store.

Have a great day!
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