September 20, 2013

Affordable Fabulosity: L'oreal Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner Review!

Since I like to switch things up and always try new beauty products, it's not that often for me to repurchase the same item, unless it works magic. When L'oreal came up with their Advanced Haircare line I decided to try Total Repair 5 conditioner and I have to honestly say, that this turned out to be the only conditioner I've tried so far, that works on my hair like a mask. 

I use conditioner every single time I wash my hair and I apply a mask once a week. With Total Repair 5 I don't really need a mask, because my hair is so silky smooth and so soft, I love it. I apply it from chin height, down and leave it for like 2 minutes, before washing it off and then I dry my hair like usual. I use it every single time I wash my hair (every two days) and even though it works like a mask, it doesn't leave my hair greasy or flat (that what usually happens, if I use a  hair mask more often than once, twice a week). 

I love this product because I admire how soft my hair is after using a hair mask, but because I can't use it on daily basis (makes my hair heavy and greasy) I really enjoy Total Repair 5 which gives me a similar result and still tons of volume. Also, I think this product is great while traveling, when you don't necessarily have time for your usual beauty routine. 

What is your favorite conditioner at the moment?
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  1. Ooh sounds like a pretty nice purchase! I might try out this one when I'm out of Aussie:)

    Heh, so funny that just the other day I posted about quite similar ropic; it was about my new e.l.f -products roo, but there were discussion related to buying habits. I see you're a lot like me .. I hope you check out the post, it's my newest actually (after a reeeally long summer break! :))

    Love, Satu