About Me

Born & raised in Poland. Currently living in USA, Virginia. 
Wife. College Grad. Cats lover. Aaliyah fan. TV Shows Addict. Beauty & makeup junkie. 

I've started my blog, Peppermint Lips Beauty Blog in January of 2011. I was just getting into makeup, which I think was pretty late for a 21 years old gal lol, and wanted to better myself at writing in English, so a blog was a fun way to do so. Since then my blog has been with me through a lot of travelling, which includes moving from Europe to US, school graduation, marriage and what not. I enjoy writing about anything and everything beauty related and I truly embrace that passion of mine (which I am sure my wallet disagrees to sometimes haha) . I've always liked graphic design and when I was a teenager I used to build websites, so I think I found my online place where I can combine all of the things that I enjoy and love to do. 

If you have any questions, please contact me through my e-mail sylwia@peppermint-lips.com

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Let's be friends on instagram: @sylwiaperri